The design of the experiment platform is illustrated in the figure below. Registered users can securely login to a server hosted in PolyU, which grants access to the interfacing control program in a local console. This local console is responsible for manipulating various components of the experiment setup, data acquisition from sensors and the signal transmission to the user. Real-time video monitoring is also facilitated to visualize the experiment ‘in action’.Background as well as supporting materials will be also provided for students.

PolyU Remotelab Concept

  • Highly flexible for adaptation in different learning and teaching modes (class demonstrations, individual/ group assignments, systematic investigations), as deemed suitable by instructors.
  • Students and/or teachers can operate such setups in a way similar to running the experiment in school laboratories, at any time and from everywhere (as long as internet access is available).
  • Automated data acquisition provides a scaffold for students to take and analyze a large number of good quality data, gives students a chance to learn how to analyze many data points and draw a reasonable conclusion based on such analysis.