As a move towards sustainable development, we have established a spin-off company Labwork (with the start-up fund from PolyU) and commercialize the RemoteLab experience for existing setups. Please visit Labwork's website to learn more.
Remote Lab

is an online experiment platform for you to perform experiments anytime, anywhere.

Anytime, Anywhere

Students and/or teachers can operate such setups in a way similar to running the experiment in school laboratories, at any time and from everywhere.

Centralized, Qualified

All experiments are centralized in the Department of Applied Physics, qualified and maintained by our professors and university staffs.

Learning, Teaching

Highly flexible for adaptation in different learning and teaching modes, suitable for class demonstrations, individual/group assignments and investigations.


Developed by Department of Applied Physics, PolyU

Starting 2010, the Department of Applied Physics (AP) has launched a centralized depository of selected physics experiments. While the initial goal of the platform was for PolyU undergraduates admitted to AP’s service-teaching subjects, the idea has since gained popularity and is now also available for senior secondary school students.

Supported by QEF & PolyU

The Remote Lab was financially supported by Quality Education Fund of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government (QEF, HKSAR) and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (HK PolyU).


Remote Lab Asia Winner

RemoteLab Won
Reimagine Education Asia Gold Award!

The RemoteLab project was awarded the "Asia Gold Award" in the Wharton-QS Stars Reimagine Education 2016 Competition, for creating a novel, true-to-life remote laboratory to enhance student understanding of experimental methodologies and outcomes. The RemoteLab is the first-of-its-kind in Asia, and has enabled students to conduct experiments everywhere at all times.

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Remote experiments

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